Digitising Contract Catering

All-in-one platform using technology, data, and AI to enhance service delivery and margin

We build beautiful, convenient, and personalised ordering experiences

Scan & Go



Personalised Nutrition

Payment & Receipts


Mobile Marketing

Referrals & Sharing

User Feedback & Support

Store Finder

Digital Ordering

Every customer action and transaction is tracked, enabling operators to understand their customers like never before:

Data Science

Actionable Insights

Conversion Optimisation


Predictive Analytics

Personalised engagement at scale

Digital Marketing

Automated Marketing Tools


Create Custom Campaigns

Campaign Performance Tracking

From individual stores to your entire operation, enjoy full visibility and control at every level:

Back Office Management

Data Entry & Management

Automated Customer Support

Inventory Management

Integrations (POS, Payments, ERP)

Reduce Costs

Automation of on-site and support staff reduces site-level costs, while automation of marketing and business analytics reduces above-site costs

Increase Revenue

Personalisation and convenience result in a greater capture of end-users’ wallets, along with the ability to cross-sell incremental services via a direct-to-consumer relationship

Avoid Disruption

Future-proof your offer to prevent disruptors (such as Uber Eats for Business, Deliveroo for Business, and ezCater) from becoming viable alternatives to the traditional in-house canteen, resulting in increased retention of current clients and increased new client conversion rates

Dynamify's Value Add

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"We chose Dynamify’s global platform because it simply blew the competition out of the water - in terms of quality, speed to market, and the talent of the team supporting it."
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Strategy & Marketing Director at Sodexo
Mark Hill

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